On October 25th we’ll be staying up ALL DAY AND NIGHT playing video games to raise money for the Children’s Hospital Foundation here in Winnipeg. Please donate now — every tax-deductible dollar will go to help sick kids facing scary stuff like cancer, cystic fibrosis, and injuries.

Watch us LIVE for 24 hours!

We’ll be doing a 24 hour livestream of the gaming marathon on Twitch.tv where you’ll be able to watch the gameplay action, and a feed from our camera – we’ll wave once in a while so you know we’re still awake!

Watch us LIVE! (starting 9:00 am CST on Saturday October 25)

Tactica's ExtraLife game marathon crew.

Here are some of the highlights you’ll see from us on Saturday (times are in Central)

24 hours of Retroulette

9:00 am Saturday – 9:00 am Sunday
Watch as we play from a totally random selection of such classics (and stinkers) as: Battletoads, Blaster Master, Cheetah Men, Bible Buffet, Wild Guns, Ghosts and Goblins, and hundreds more!

Shadow of the Colossus (9:00 am)

The Extra-Life marathon has given Ryan a chance to finally play this ground-breaking game.

Super Mario World (1:00 pm)

One of the best games ever made?

Heavy Rain (4:00 pm)

Chris’ most despised game – he has pledged to throw an hour against it for a good cause. A few of his choice complaints:

  • The plot is unbelievably contrived, and FULL of holes.
  • The entire game is super pretentious.
  • Most of the characters are super bland and uninteresting.
  • The twist near the ending is AWFUL and makes no sense.
  • The few potentially cool things they hint at get tossed to the wayside.
  • Voice acting is super weak and kinda bad.
  • The game flat out lies to you pretty much, and makes many of your choices entirely pointless.

Darksouls – Speed-run Race! (6:00 pm)

Chris and his crew will race to complete Dark Souls as quickly as humanly possible.

Mini-game Potpourri (11:00 pm)

A mix of quick mini-games like Dino Run and Groin Gravitators (if Robin can find someone to play this with him).

Five Nights at Freddy’s (12:00 am)

This scary game is perfect for midnight — be sure to watch our reactions on this one!

Grim Fandango (3:00 am)

Ryan’s quest to get this old game working has paid off, but will he have the energy at 3:00 am to play it?

Games by Cactus (5:00 am)

Some weird games at 5:00 am will be perfect for our sleep deprived brains!

So come watch us and support a good cause!

See you on October 25!

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