FutureCoast had the honour of being nominated for the esteemed Webby Awards in the NetArt category, but lost to Google for their little Arcade Fire project.

We’re pretty delighted to have been nominated and bring a broader audience to science education and the groovy possibilities of alternate reality games.

We met veteran game designer Ken Eklund in London, at Power to the Pixel’s annual film-meets-interactive conference.

In the spirit of co-productions that PttP fosters so well, we collaborated on the intriguing FutureCoast—part game, part vision of a future where global warming, rising sea levels and a twisted voicemail system send eerie messages to the past.

Wired recently described the experience:

“The heart of the FutureCoast design seeks to create a playful, inclusive common ground where information and idea sharing happens, where everyone’s thoughts about the future have a place, and where a meaningful dialog and a common ground can be created to replace the animosity that these topics can evoke.”

CBC radio also recently featured FutureCoast in a story about the emerging genre called “clifi,” for climate fiction.

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