Tactica Interactive was honoured as a Hero of Mental Health in the philanthropy category by the Canadian Mental Health Association, Winnipeg Region.

The award was presented during a luncheon held on international World Mental Health Day, Thursday, October 10, at the Hotel Fort Garry Grand Ballroom and emceed by Ace Burpee from 103.1 Virgin Radio.

“As a company, we value the importance of giving back in meaningful ways and strive to improve the social, physical and mental health of our community. Tactica is honoured to be recognized for doing something that we love to do,” said Tactica’s CEO, Kevin Glasier.

Also nominated were the Royal Bank of Canada and Sam Manchulenko, founder of the Lifestyle Pass, Winnipeg Wellness Passport.

“The Heroes of Mental Health Awards is an amazing opportunity for us to embrace the strength that exists in the mental health community and honour those who rise above and beyond,” said Nicole Chammartin, executive director of the CMHA in Winnipeg.

Tactica has a long history of philanthropy, supporting non-profits in reaching their own digital media goals, usually focusing on at least one major philanthropic project a year. In 2013, Tactica partnered with the CMHA Winnipeg region to bring the bewellwinnipeg.ca campaign to life.

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