Thanks again, Ad Winnipeg, for the recognition and support. This year’s Signatures mean a lot to us because the projects we entered were designed to garner donations, create awareness for social causes, and help people.

We entered a mobile project—“Scan for Japan”, a QR code-based t-shirt for HOT103 designed to fundraise (and keep on fundraisin’) for the Red Cross—in the Guerrilla category, where it won.

It also won a Judge’s Choice award. We love working with Ace and his producer Amber, because they’re creative, brave & enthusiastic.

The other project that scored was our PSA series “United With Will” for United Way of Winnipeg, featuring Hollywood legend Will Arnett.

Besides contributing to fundraising for social good in Winnipeg, the Will Arnett PSAs gave us a chance to collaborate with super talented Winnipeg filmmakers Handcraft Creative (who shot us for the New Media Manitoba Showcase, and who took the above trophy shot). We’ll be happy to say we knew them before they were famous.


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