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Pregnancy is an exciting time for a mother and a father, but many of the incredible and exciting developments are hidden from view. Occasionally, an ultrasound gives the expectant parent an all-too-brief glimpse into the development of the new life they’ve created. We challenged ourselves to help parents visualize their baby as it grows in the womb so they can share the process, understand critical developmental stages and ensure they’re making safe and healthy decisions.


3D Baby Pregnancy Tracker & Calendar gives you an amazing 3D and 360 view of baby in utero week by week. You can follow baby’s development throughout pregnancy including weekly average weight and height updates. Each day you’ll get a new fact of the pregnancy so they’ll always be something exciting to wake up to and share with your friends and family.

To see baby in true 3D you’ll need red/blue cyan glasses and you’ll have to enable “Anaglyph mode” in the settings screen. When you do so for the first time you’ll automatically download the anaglyph 3D images.

3D Baby iPhone and iPad app features:

  • Stunning 3D renders of baby that you can spin 360 degrees
  • Ability to view in anaglyph 3D mode if you have red/cyan 3D glasses
  • A new development fact for each day of pregnancy
  • Weekly updates on key baby stats including average weight and length
  • Displays the number of days until baby’s due
  • An ambient audio track including womb and baby heartbeat sounds
  • Facebook and Twitter integration so you can share baby’s current status with all your friends


3D Baby entered a crowded marketplace on Apple’s App Store and has carved a very successful niche as one of the best-designed pregnancy trackers on the market today. The app has sales from around the world and was turning a profit a few short months after launching. It has also been translated into Mandarin.

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Tactica Interactive

Tactica Interactive produces innovative apps and games for Apple and Android mobile devices.