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Better Behaviour. Better Health.

Dr. Todd Duhamel is Principal Investigator, Physical Activity and Chronic Disease Prevention at the Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences, St. Boniface Hospital Albrechtsen Research Centre. Dr. Duhamel’s clinical research seeks to improve the support available to patients so they can adopt a more physically active lifestyle which has culminated in a physical activity promotion initiative that helps support sedentary people in being more active.

Dr. Duhamel and his team wanted to add digital interactive tools to his research program, and they collaborated with Tactica Interactive to created an evidence informed app called ENCOURAGE to support physical activity promotion in the workplace.

Encouraging Sustainable Change

ENCOURAGE is designed by a team of expert researchers specializing in behaviour change, chronic disease prevention, and physical activity innovation.

A long-term, sustainable plan for your health requires more than a reminder to do push-ups or eat vegetables. ENCOURAGE incorporates evidence-based behaviour change techniques to help you reduce sedentary time during your workday. Reducing your sedentary time (a risk factor distinct from insufficient exercise) has been shown to decrease risk of several chronic diseases including cardiovascular disease and diabetes, decrease risk of all-cause mortality, and increase psychological health.

Are Existing Apps Helpful?

There are more than 13,000 health, wellness and fitness apps available, many do not incorporate techniques known to be most effective for stimulating physical activity behaviour change.


Great Science Meets Great Technology

Through a recommendation from the University of Manitoba Technology Transfer Office, Dr. Duhamel found Tactica Interactive and we began collaborating beginning with a series of discussions. After ideation, iterations, and rounds of user testing, and gaining the support of the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Manitoba, ENCOURAGE was on its way to helping people learn key skills to self-manage their health and take steps to improve it.

Making a Difference in People’s Health

Improve your wellness in the workplace by reducing sitting time and introducing easy workplace activities into your day. Did you know that Canadians spend 60% of their waking hours in the workplace? Why not try improving your health where you spend most of your time? Our app can help ENCOURAGE you to make small changes at work and break up your sitting time to improve your energy, cardiovascular risk factors, and lifestyle. Available in the AppStore and GooglePlay.

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