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Rosetta Media asked Tactica to create an interactive digital media companion for Pinkertons television series. They needed to start building an audience and engaging their audience on social media.


Tactica created the Outlaw Yourself web app which lets users transform themselves into cowboys, gunslingers, saloon girls, prospectors, fortune tellers and lawmen. By uploading and customizing their own photo we let them create a high-quality, sepia-toned, vintage photos that can be downloaded, shared on multiple social media platforms, or made into wanted posters. This let us bring the audience closer to the show by making them part of the Pinkerton’s 1860’s crime solving world.

We knew the big challenge producers have with a first season television show is creating awareness, so we wanted to focus on something that would get the Pinkerton’s series brand out there. (We think deep engagement with show characters and themes is best left for sophomore seasons, once the show already has an established audience.)

We took this approach to create a grassroots marketing campaign with social media integration. In other words: we empowered people to create personalized, sharable, branded content that they would want to show friends and followers on their social networks. In addition to creating something users want to share it’s also something their friends want to look which enhances the impact of the Pinkertons’ brand impression.

Every share offers hundreds of potential new exposures for the Pinkertons’ series brand and leads people back to the website where they can watch trailers, find out where to watch and create their own personalized photos to keep the cycle going.

To further promote the show we integrated a contest rewarding sharing and also lead an online marketing campaign.


The initial concept won over the producer and broadcaster and we went on to secure Bell Fund support and Manitoba Interactive Digital Media Tax Credits.

The project was a huge success driving over a hundred thousand users to the website and social media properties. The force behind this traffic was thousands of photo shares across Facebook and Twitter along with millions of online ad impressions for the show.

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CHCH started broadcasting in 1954 and is proud to be the news leader for Hamilton and the surrounding Halton and Niagara regions. CHCH produces more original news programming than any other local television station in North America. With a primetime line-up anchored by movies, news magazine shows, and hit dramas, CHCH is available to over 92% of Ontario households and is viewed by millions nationally each week. CHCH is owned and operated by Channel Zero Inc.

Rosetta Media

Rosetta Media develops, finances, and produces television for the North American and International marketplace.

Buffalo Gal Pictures

Buffalo Gal Pictures is an independent film and television production company based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. President Phyllis Laing and producer Liz Jarvis have developed and produced many challenging and diverse projects by creating collaborative relationships with creative talent and building successful co-production partnerships.