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Tactica’s Patient Journey Platform supports self-management, shared decision making and collaborative care to improve patient outcomes.


The platform bridges the gap in care for patients between visits with healthcare professionals, enhances communication and understanding, improves patient experience by integrating the activities of a multidisciplinary healthcare team, and ultimately empowers the patient to play a more active role in their personal health and self-management.

Assess Plan Educate

Assess, Plan & Educate

When the app is downloaded and used to make a collaborative decisions “in office” between patient and a health care professional it can help overcome barriers in communication that arise from patient confusion, overwhelmedness, and language issues. The goal is to help keep the treatment team on the same page with a clear plan and to define what the patient should do in the time until their next visit - including any additional appointments that should be booked. Features include:
  • Risk Assessment and Screening
  • Patient Journey Planning
  • Personalized Health Plan
  • Triage
  • Education
Locate Connect

Locate & Connect

This element can reduce barriers patients may experience by helping them connect with appropriate regional services. By using geolocation or other user location techniques, the platform can tie physical location to appropriate service databases. This can not only help patients and caregivers identify primary resources, but also suggest alternates or secondary resources when challenges are encountered by the user in accessing the primary resource. Features include:
  • Geo-location recommendation engine
  • Service provider database
Track Report

Track & Report

The app helps patients create a Personal Health Record (PHR) including activities, experiences, symptoms, medications and services accessed. This PHR facilitates collaborative care by keeping health care providers on the same page and informed of the patients other interventions and interactions. The data is secured on the user’s device, and displayed visually in an easy to understand, customizable, and exportable format. Anonymized and keyed data can be transmitted to researchers for study and analysis. Features include:
  • Patient Journal
  • Personalized infographics and charts
  • Wearable data integration
  • Goal tracking
  • Researcher database
Motivate Support

Motivate & Support

Motivation and support are important factors for patient adherence to treatment plans. The Patient Journey Platform keeps patients connected to their social and caregiver supports through direct chat and social media integration. Regular check-ins and reminders, such as taking medication daily, can be automated within the app, and if a patient doesn’t complete a requirement of their treatment a Behaviour Change Technique algorithm can work with them to understand obstacles and make recommendations to overcome them. Features include:
  • Behaviour Change Techniques (BCT)
  • Nudges & Reminders
  • Chat
  • Social Media Integration

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