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You are never ready for a diagnosis of autism. Parents are often filled with emotion and as they prepare for the unique challenges of raising a child with special needs it can become difficult to remember what you just did, never mind what you need to do next. It’s at this critical and chaotic time that parents need to be most organized and active in their child’s care by accessing the developmental services available. These parents need support – they need a map to help guide them along their child’s treatment path.


My Autism Passport (MAP) is an innovative patient journey app designed to help parents overcome barriers, stay on the same page with caregivers, and play an active role in their child’s care. With key features based upon a paper-based passport tool developed and studied by researchers at St. Michael’s Hospital, MAP provides families of children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder with an innovative tracking tool to stay organized and enable them to communicate their progress to the multiple health professionals and treatment agencies involved in their child’s care.

The app helps parents by providing a personalized directory of agencies and services unique to the user’s region and most relevant to the child’s age, managing the progress of service enrolment helping users to keep track of the many services in which they are enrolling their child, assessing progress automatically and issuing reminders when the user has not achieved a milestone quickly enough, and by providing a personalized dashboard and knowledge base. MAP provides support for parents at a critical and chaotic time by allowing them to see at a glance which interventions and development services have been recommended, accessed and received.


Available in the App Store and Google Play.