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Help patients visualize the link between body parts and the benefits provided by massage therapy.


Tactica created a visually captivating responsive website allowing people to explore an interactive body, or searching for specific conditions, to discover how massage therapy can help them.

Whether a male or female body, identifying muscle areas and get more information about possible conditions that can occur within the selected body part and how massage therapy can help. The microsite features:

  • A landing page designed to quickly inform users and showcase interactive content.
  • Compelling graphics with interactive hotspots that illustrate the connection between pain at a specific body part with how massage therapy can help.
  • Lightbox windows with additional information and links to more detailed articles.
  • Inside content page templates to serve article and information pages, graphic elements/illustrations or PDF resources.
  • Social media sharing tools allowing users to share the site and individual pages on Facebook, Twitter, and through email.


The website was so well received by Massage Therapy Association of Manitoba, it became the focal point of their marketing campaign. The site was also nominated for Best Website and the 2015 Advertising Association of Winnipeg’s Signature Awards.

Client Profile

The Massage Therapy Association of Manitoba (MTAM)

The Massage Therapy Association of Manitoba is an incorporated not-for-profit association of professional massage therapists established as an association in 1973 within the requirements of the Corporations Act of the Province of Manitoba.