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The Manitoba Suicide Line challenged Tactica to develop a social media marketing campaign to increase calls to the MSL from youth and other individuals thinking about suicide or dealing with a suicide loss. The secondary goal of the project was to increase traffic to the MSL website in support of this campaign and to build online equity and exposure for future initiatives including online counselling.


Tactica delivered a multi-phase social media marketing strategy, website, and video content to target high-risk populations directly and via their social networks on Facebook, Twitter, email, and dozens of niche social networks.

The biggest challenge with this project was that it needed to have a social component, but there was no content to share. Tactica determined the most compelling aspect of MSL’s work was the personal experiences of people who have dealt with suicide. Tactica produced a series of emotive, intentionally simple videos, which are the most direct and easily shareable method of storytelling.

Tactica’s work included:

  • A campaign re-brand with the new name, “Reason to Live” giving a more hopeful tone
  • A complete website design with a Drupal content management system
  • Social media tools to encourage sharing and viral marketing via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs, mobile text message, email, and offline marketing materials
  • Videography and video editing services
  • Facebook advertising
  • Content seeding on relevant websites, blogs and message boards
  • Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization to reach a larger audience
  • Radio ads that re-purpose the website audio
  • Offline print materials such as postcards, advertisements, help cards, stickers and posters


The campaign was an award-winning success by:

  • Increasing calls from youth and other individuals thinking about suicide or dealing with a suicide loss
  • Increasing traffic to the MSL website in support of the “Reason to Live” campaign
  • Building online equity and exposure for future initiatives including online counseling
  • Sparking conversation and encouraging website users to share the “Reason to Live” message with their online and offline network

It’s not often you can say that your work helped saved a life, but just a week after launching the Reason to Live website for The Manitoba Suicide Line, Tactica received this touching feedback from our client:

“Monday night one of our counsellors took a call on the Manitoba Suicide Line. The caller had been feeling highly suicidal over the past few weeks….She stated that it was because of the ‘Reason To Live’ website that she did not kill herself that day. Instead, she chose to pick up the phone and call our line. She and the counsellor really connected and she agreed to a follow-up call and on-going support as needed.”

This feedback reminds everyone at Tactica how truly important our work can be. With clients like MSL, we have the opportunity and social responsibility to reach out to people around us and make the world a better place through our craft.

Client Profile

The Klinic Community Health Centre

Klinic Community Health Centre is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. As a member of Manitoba Association of Community Health, they provide a full range of health-related services from medical care to counselling to education.