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Indios Productions and APTN came to Tactica to produce a cross platform interactive digital media product for the Fit First reality documentary fitness series. The solution had to:

  • engage the audiences by giving them fitness challenges and instruction similar to show participants;
  • promote the television series brand to a wider audience; and
  • help the producers find financing for the interactive digital media product.


Tactica designed and developed the Fit First Home Boxing Fitness Trainer for iPhones and iPads. The app engages the show’s audience by helping them lose weight and increase strength and endurance through workouts led by boxing champion Kent Brown. The app is the most effective mobile boxing trainer on the market today, featuring video instructions of every technique and workout, a beautiful and easy to use interface, and fully customizable workouts.

Fully customizable boxing workouts

Fit First is packed with dozens of pre-set and customizable boxing exercises that provide a full body workout. Users can choose from a pre-set workout schedule, create their own personal workout, or simply roll with the punches with a random workout that is customized to their specific goals. Users can also watch video instructions, track calories burned and listen to music from their own playlists throughout their workout. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPod touches, and iPads. To help the producers finance the project Tactica prepared a Bell Fund Low Budget Production application. Tactica also played a critical role in the financing the project by investing their Manitoba interactive digital media tax credit to make it all happen.


The Fit First iPad and iPhone app is a huge success for the producer and for the broadcaster by delivering:

  • worldwide sales, exposing new audiences to the Fit First brand;
  • profit for the broadcaster and for the producer; and
  • engaging the audience with themes and characters from the show.

Client Profile

Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN)

APTN is the first and only national Aboriginal broadcaster in the world with programming by, for and about Aboriginal Peoples (First Nations, Inuit and Métis Peoples), to share with all Canadians as well as viewers around the world. Through documentaries, news magazines, dramas, entertainment specials, children’s series, cooking shows and education programs, APTN offers all Canadians a window into the remarkably diverse worlds of Indigenous Peoples in Canada and throughout the world.